06.07.18 11:55

"EU should follow Macron’s initiative on redirecting finance"

Climate-proof investments needed

“Investments by companies and financial institutes need to follow clear sustainability guidelines in the future”, says Member of the Environment Committee of the European Parliament Jo LEINEN (S&D) as result of today’s meeting on climate-proof finance in Paris initiated by President Macron. “Macron’s initiative is a positive first step that needs to lead to a global reorientation of the financial system. The European Commission and EU Member States should take legal measures as well as provide guidelines to be a champion in this movement.”

Macron’s initiative aims at including sustainable criteria for investments worth more than 2 trillion US Dollar. “Making investments climate-proof will have an immense pulling effect. If state and pension funds invest in sustainable assets instead of fossil fuels, the financial system will become much more resilient. Today’s investments are tomorrow’s revenues“, says Jo LEINEN.

Press picture: www.joleinen.de/Fotos.77.0.html