17.04.18 12:01

"Diluted climate law harms EU’s credibility"

European Parliament votes on EU Climate Action Regulation

“The final regulation compromises the 2030 climate targets”, says S&D-Member of the European Parliament Jo LEINEN ahead of the plenary vote on the effort sharing regulation, renamed to Climate Action Regulation.

By delaying the start date of CO2 reductions and allowing member states more flexibility in achieving their climate targets, additional 400 million tons CO2 may be emitted compared to the parliament’s proposal. “The Socialists and Democrats do not want to support such a watered-down climate act”, Jo LEINEN explains.

“2018 is an important year for international climate action and for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The diluted climate law could harm the EU’s credibility ahead of COP24”, says Jo LEINEN. In the upcoming months and years, ambitious climate policies are needed transposing the EU Climate Action Regulation. “The EU must prepare to improve the EU climate targets for 2030 and develop a determined long-term strategy towards 2050.”