28.03.17 13:45

Trump is on a destructive path

Clear message needed from the EU

"Sooner or later, the US economy and society will face painful consequences of Trump's old-fashioned energy policy", says Member of the European Parliament Jo LEINEN (S&D). US President Trump is expected to sign executive orders on energy policy today. "Coal, oil and gas are energy sources of the past. Promoting fossil energy is an attack on the future of our planet. This is not a choice of common sense, but of ignorance."

"The US has a huge market in green technologies. With this policy change, Trump puts high risks to investments and business cases. This will not just hurt the climate, but also companies and consumers", says Jo LEINEN.

"Trump turns his back on international climate action by following egoistic and national interests. The global community should not remain silent but send a clear message: Trump is on a destructive path, both for the US and our planet and no one is willing to accept this", says LEINEN. "The EU and China must take a leading role in climate action more than ever. They should join their forces to take the Paris agenda ahead and put the US administration under pressure", Jo LEINEN demands.